More Event Info!

//More Event Info!

More Event Info!

What is the event for? To raise awareness of all the different element of Irish Motorsport and to fundraise for the Irish Motorsport Support Fund (IMSF).

What is the IMSF? As a response to the rising cost of insurance and various suggestions received regarding fundraising, Motorsport Ireland invited a group of people to a meeting in Dublin in October 2017.  This group agreed to create a fundraising committee to raise funds to help offset financial risks to the sport and in the future, when the situation improves, to support motorsport as deemed necessary by the group.

What will be in Mondello?
Along with 2018 WRC Rally cars, there is a plan to have several live arenas running at all times. This event is a once off and is being held to celebrate all aspects of Irish motorsport during the last 50 years along with the birthday celebration for Mondello Park.
It will be a memorable special day not to be missed.

The plan includes the provision of:

  1. Live Rallying/Drift cars which will offer members of the public a life changing trill by sitting in a rally or drift car experiencing adrenalin rushes that are only available from live motorsport. Helmets will be provided.
  2. Autotest Arena to see show how quickly these men can park in a garage!
  3. Trial Bike Arena defying gravity
  4. Trial / Mudplugging area showing the resilience and patience of their sport.
  5. Main Demonstration Arena showcasing all disciplines of Irish Motorsport including:
    Endurance Trials
    Night Navigation Trials
  6. Display stands which will show cars from each discipline – an informative side to Irish Motorsport.
    Historic and classic car displaysRallycar history display – the cars that made
  7. an impact over the last 50 years.
  8. There will be attendance by several celebrities so bring your phone and get selfies with Craig Breen, Paul Nagle, Rosemary Smith and many more who are being added to the list daily!

Limited number of tickets available for a corporate dinner on Saturday evening which will also be filled with celebrities to meet.

Tickets will be for sale next week on