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Irish Motorsport Support Fund

Providing a sustainable future for motorsport in Ireland

What is the #IMSF?

As a response to the rising cost of insurance and the various suggestions received regarding Fundraising, Motorsport Ireland invited a group of people to a meeting in Dublin in October 2017.  This group have agreed to create a  Funding Committee to raise funds to help offset financial risks to the sport and in the future, when the situation improves, the fund will exist to support motorsport as deemed necessary by the group.

The group called itself the Irish Motorsport Support Fund and are independent to Motorsport Ireland with its own directors.  Decisions on the use and drawdown of the fund will be controlled by the group.

The group have explored ideas such as raffles etc and have decided to host a fundraising event with the co-operation of Mondello Park on 12th  and 13th of May 2018.  This is to coincide with the celebration of 50 years of racing in Mondello.

In order for the event to happen, assistance is required from all the clubs. It is intended to run four live arenas at the event to showcase all disciplines of our sport combined with the hosting of corporate stands and stalls to fund the event.


The IMSF Mondello 50 is a fundrasing event in Mondello Park on the 12th-13th of May 2018 that will encompass all facets of motorsport on the island of Ireland. What better way to celebrate 50 years of motorsport at Ireland’s only purpose built race track?

Over 2 days fans will be able to see over a dozen motorsport disciplines display their skills over a number of live arenas, all within the confines of Mondello Park. As well as live action there will be a number of displays, trade stands and special guests to keep you entertained!


Live arena 1: Rallying and drifting. Ireland’s 2 most popular motorsport disciplines in 1 place! Marvel at the skills of some of Ireland’s best drivers from the comfort of the grandstand, or if you are feeling brave enough, passenger rides will be on offer. The famous turn 1 at Mondello is certain to provide some spectacular action!

Live arena 2: Rallycross, autocross, trials. Motorsport isn’t always about being neat and clean, sometimes it has to be down and dirty too! Live arena 2 caters for the disciplines that aren’t afraid of a challenge. The speed and power of rallycross and autocross cars is tempered by the steady, methodical nature of trials events, both sporting and navigational. With trials event usually taking place on quiet, private land or in the middle of the night, this will be a great chance to see these disciplines.

Live arena 3: Racing, karting, hillclimb and sprint. For out and and out speed, live arena 3 is the place to be. Race cars, karts and sprint cars will tear around this section of track touching 100mph at times!

Live arena 4: Autotesting: One of the earliest and purest forms of motorsport, auotesting is the ultimate test of precision driving. Marvel as the drivers make their cars dance in a series of complex maneuvers that will leave you scratching your head in amazement!

In the display area, car and truck manufactures will display their latest products. Trade stands will sell their wares and a display of vintage and exotic cars will provide a captivating spectacle.






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